Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Travelling Studio

Caravan holidays are great, I pack up my studio and take it with me. When I am painting the board is propped against the table so it is at an angle. 
The picture on the easel at the moment is in its very early stages. It is a Maidenhair spleenwort growing in the cracks of a wall. 
The light in the caravan is excellent as there are many windows, but at night I use an extra daylight bulb.
The paint trays are packed away flat and protected with a piece of cardboard. Everything is stowed away into a cupboard.
The advantage with the travelling studio is it usually has beautiful views ready to paint from the window.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sea Holly and Bee

This is one of my latest paintings. 'Sea Holly and Bee'. It was painted using watercolour and gouache. 
I like really complicated and detailed pictures and this was definitely one of them. The flower was complicated and the bee was complicated, maybe I should paint something a little simpler next time!
The bee was actually on the flower when I took the photograph, but it would not perform well and kept moving into an awkward position. I based the bee on another photograph of mine. Ironically when I took that photograph I was not even looking for a bee and there it was in a perfect pose.
Maybe I should forget about insects and stick to my flowers, at least they don't fly away.
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