Friday, May 20, 2016

Nandina domestica obsessed

This is a watercolour and gouache painting based on a plant I bought at a local garden centre. I just love the colour and shape of the foliage. The leaves hold the raindrops beautifully.

‘Obsessed’ is a new Nandina from the United States. Its leaves turn a bright vibrant red in the winter and as the plant ages they turn a rich green.

It is a small compact semi-evergreen shrub and does not produce any berries, but produces conical clusters of white flowers in the summer from May to July. 

Nandina is a Japanese name and Domestica is from its various uses in Japanese households.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Variegated Hosta

This picture is painted in watercolour and gouache. There are many varieties of variegated Hosta, mainly marked with different combinations of yellow or white round the edges of the leaves. Hostas are grown for a number of reasons, the shape of their attractive foliage and their spikes of flowers.

They look particularly beautiful covered in raindrops. The raindrops seemed to highlight the spiral shape of the leaves. I thought it would make a good subject to paint.

Variegated Hostas lose their leaves in winter. They grow particularly well in shady places under bushes or near water. Their flowers are usually lilac, but there are white, violet and purple varieties. 

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