Thursday, March 17, 2016

Paeonia Step Six

The leaves on the right hand side of the painting are finished. I added washes of sunlit green to add some warmth to the areas of sap green. The background is being built up with washes of sap green, midnight green and neutral tint with a number four brush.

The foreground leaves have so many shadows it makes it quite hard to see where the shape of the leaf is.  For the shadow areas I used a number four brush and a wash of midnight green. Using a number one brush I lifted some of the paint (wetting areas and dabbing it with tissues) for the lighter veins. White gouache was used for the highlights on the leaves.

The flower buds hidden in the background are painted with washes of raw sienna, cadmium yellow and a touch of neutral tint highlighting the shadows.

Next week I will post the finished painting.

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