Thursday, June 14, 2012

Holly, Ilex aquifolium

Having fun with this painting. I got so carried away I forgot to take step by step photographs. I applied another wet wash to the background, using midnight green and neutral tint.
Now I am working on the leaves. The leaves are interesting to paint as there is a strong contrast of light and dark. I am using colours, sap green, midnight green, sunlit green, lemon yellow and neutral tint.
I am laying down washes on the leaves, leaving areas of white paper for highlights to shine through. Will keep you updated with my progress, if I can remember to take photographs.


  1. This is progressing well! I love the black background and the striking nature of the composition. That leaf at the top looks very good - I guess that one is almost finished?! Look forward to seeing more...

    1. Thanks Jessica, I have just been painting it tonight and it's about a third finished. Must remember to take photographs, it is so easy to forget, then you cannot do anything about it.